Beavers Sleep with the Fishes!!


Last weekend the Beavers enjoyed an all-expenses-paid trip to the Scarborough Sealife Centre. After the disappointment of a failed visit in March, the Sealife guys rearranged everything for the Beavers; providing a coach, VIP tour and a Sleepover. They even made a donation to the Scout Group!


After spending time on the Beach building Sand Castles and paddling, the Beavers met the Sealions and Penguins, having their own shows provided by the Sealife Staff.


The Beavers also had a private viewing of Finding Nemo before bedding down next to the Aquarium, bathed in the blue grow from the tank. They read their books and fell asleep watching the fishes.



The next morning some of the Beavers were woken after being splashed by a boisterous Stingray!

Thanks to all at Sealife for laying on a great Sleepover for them!