Exciting News

All4One Club joins the 1st Holgate Family

We’re very excited to announce the latest addition to the 1st Holgate Scout Family; All4One Club has been run for a while with assistance from experienced leaders from 1st Holgate. The club is for young people with special needs/special education needs.

We believe that Scouting changes lives and we want every young person to have the opportunity to be involved. To ensure that Scouting is open to all, we need to remove barriers to participation.  

Scouting is inclusive, with Groups and Sections welcoming all young people. However, there are occasions where further flexibility is needed to meet the need of some young people. 

Our plans are an effective means of enabling young people with additional needs, who may not otherwise be able to fully participate in Scouting, to join the adventure.

Where possible the section’s activities will be driven by young people and cover a variety of things from craft & creative activities, sporting activities or playing pool/table top football.

They have been trying out outdoor activities, going on day trips and thanks to our leaders’ experience and the Group’s logistical support, have tried a range of  Scouting activities including overnight camps under canvas.

By formally joining the Group as a satellite section, we will be able to broaden the range of activities offered to the Young People. They will also benefit from the Group’s infrastructure and our practical support.

The Scout Group will be fully engaged and  will support the Section. We will also facilitate joint activities between the young people. We will ensure there are numerous, regular occasions for the section’s members and our existing young people to enjoy Scouting activities together and build friendships. These interactions will help our Scouts and Explorers to build greater awareness and understanding of disability; contributing in the long-term to the creation of a society which is more accepting of disability.

The Club will be a joint Scout and Explorer section open to young people from 10 to 21. New members are more than welcome to join, please contact us here. They meet on the first Saturday of the month from 7.00 – 9.00pm at the 68 Club, Monkton Road, York.