Active Support Unit

Our Active Support Unit enables those who wish to volunteer but who can’t give a regular commitment to do so. It is a great support to our leadership team!

The Group has grown massively in the last few  years; we have over 300 members and are the largest Group in North Yorkshire. We now have three Beaver Colonies, three Cubs Packs and two Scout Troops. Still we have young people who want to join who can’t. This is in part due to the fact we need more volunteers. We are actively recruiting for more volunteers and our Active Support Unit is part of this plan.   We are looking for additional volunteers to join the unit and help out when they can. There’s no need to be around every week, just help as and when – this is true flexible volunteering. You can wear uniform if you want to, but you don’t have to…   The sort of things the Unit helps with are:-  

  • Filling in at meetings;
  • Helping on camps;
  • Helping with catering;
  • Driving the minibus;
  • Helping with fundraising;
  • Doing odd jobs;
  • Helping with admin;
  • Stewarding events;
  • Helping on trips, hikes and activities;
  • Pitching tents;
  • Photography;
  • Editing the Group newsletter;
  • Contributing to our Website;
  • Carrying out equipment repairs;
  • Shopping…. Etc.

We’re pretty sure there’s something there for you!

If you’d like more information please complete our contact form