The Group collects subscriptions which cover the cost of activities at weekly meetings and the materials used, rental cost for our meeting place and other associated expenses. It also includes a membership fee to the Scout Association which provides a basic level of insurance whilst on Scouting activities.

Subscriptions are payable termly; we use the Parent Portal provided by Online Scout Manager, which allows you to pay for subscriptions and events by direct debit.

We regularly provide extra-curricular activities and trips which enhance the programme we offer. Camps and adventurous activities, trips and visits are an important part of Scouting which cannot be covered by subscriptions. An additional charge is often required for such activities.

Subscriptions only cover some of the costs of running the Scout Group. In order to maintain the excellent programme of activities we offer and ensure we have appropriate and well-maintained equipment we still need to undertake fundraising. We need parental support with our efforts and while we try to maximise the level of external funding, without this essential income, subscriptions would be higher.

We appreciate that many families’ finances are stretched in these difficult times. We would not want to see anyone miss out for purely financial reasons. If you are experiencing difficulties we can provide assistance. Please speak to our Group Scout Leader in confidence.