Join The Adventure

How to join

Our membership has doubled in recent years (2009-2016) and despite opening several new sections, we are still oversubscribed and have joining lists for Beavers and Cubs.

We are working hard to eradicate joining lists altogether in the Group but without further volunteers and additional meeting slots we can’t provide sufficient additional places at the moment to meet demand.

We recommend adding your child as soon as possible to our Beaver joining list, as we allocate places on a first come first served basis. We do also try to accommodate siblings of current members.  There is no minimum age to add your child’s name and we encourage you to add all your children and their friends!! Flexibility between meeting nights helps us offer places sooner, so please do consider this carefully.

Places are not immediately available in Beavers and Cubs. We may be able to offer spaces in Scouts.

If your child is already six or older we may not be able to allocate them a place in Beavers. We can provide details of other Groups in the area should this be the case. To add your child to the joining list please use the correct section link below and complete the joining enquiry form:

If you would like to check whether your child is on our Beaver joining list already please click here.

We are now also able to offer places in Panku Explorer Unit which is now being run by the Group – please use the contact form.