We are always considering how best to offer our brand of Scouting to as many young people as possible, but we are currently limited by the available meeting times/venues and the number of volunteers. If you would like to volunteer with the Group to help us meet demand following this link for more details.

Despite our efforts, there are occasionally more children on the joining list than we may be able to take at that time. If so, we will allocate places in accordance with the following policy:

  • We give first priority to those children who already have siblings in the group;
  • We then give priority to those whose parents are regular helpers in the Group (and have been for at least 6 months);
  • All other places are allocated according to the child’s age and the length of time they have been on the list.

By adding your child to our joining list you consent to us holding yours/their details for Scouting purposes only. We may occasionally contact you regarding Scouting opportunities that become available.