We are happy to announce our Loki Explorer Unit will begin meeting at Our Lady Queen of Martrys School in September.

For several years we have been linked with Panku Explorer Unit. Unfortunately, the Unit has not, despite our best efforts, thrived and grown as we would have liked. 

We have therefore decided to start a new Unit, with even closer links to the Group, to provide a natural destination for our Scouts to experience the best quality Explorer Scouting we can offer. 

The Unit will still be open to any Scout from York who wishes to move up to it, and likewise 1st Holgate Scouts may move on to any Explorer Scout unit within Ebor District (indeed they may join multiple Units if they wish).

The aims of setting up a partnered Explorer Scout Unit are to:

  • Make the transition from Scouts to Explorers as smooth as possible, by having a similar ethos and being part of the 1st Holgate ‘family’.
  • Ensure as many Scouts as possible have the opportunity, and are enthusiastic, to move on to an Explorer Scout Unit.
  • Share resources and operate the Group and Unit as efficiently as possible.

All existing Panku Explorer Scouts will automatically transfer to the new Unit, so if they are happy to move over they do not need to do anything. However if for any reason they do not wish to continue please get in touch – there are other Explorer Scout Units within Ebor District which Explorer Scouts can join and we can put them in touch.

2nd Acomb are setting up a new Explorer unit as well – they plan to meet on Tuesdays 7.30 – 9.30 at their HQ behind the parish hall. We do understand that changing days will be difficult for some Explorers who may have other commitments – we are sorry if that is the case, it has been a difficult decision.